We know everyone has favorite teams they want to support. While you’re visiting MemoryCompany.com, we want to make it as easy as possible to find all the products of your favorite teams.

Near the top of every page, you’ll notice a menu called “Favorite Teams.” In this section, you can select up to nine different teams to set as your “Favorite Teams.” As a result, we’ll only show you products for those teams on our site!

  • You’ll only see products for your favorite teams in the Suggested Products section on the home page.
  • In the Favorite Teams menu, you can click “Show All Products” to display all products on our site available for your favorite teams.
  • If you use the search bar to find products, the search results will only show your favorite teams, as well.

If you login and register an account with us, you can save your selected Favorite Teams to your account for the next time you return! Pick your teams today!